Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ugh..I am Sick!!

Well, my cough keeps getting worse and the wheezing is driving me crazy. If I am not better by Fri. I am going to the Dr. I am sure if I am sick of hearing myself cough, that my family is surely sick of hearing it. LOL

I have been enjoying Facebook. I have a ways to go before I understand it completely, but so far it is very cool. I sold the camo bag today as a direct result of the networking on Facebook. Business has been really slow, so it was great to make a sale. I listed two new bags tonight. One is a man's tattoo messenger bag and the other is a women's tattoo fabric and canvas bag. I am pleased with how they both turned out. Take a peek at my shop if you would like to view them.

I had a brainstorm today. I have a hard time eating salad because there really isn't a dressing I like except for Thousand Island. Today I took some mayo, low carb ketsup and some pickle relish as well as a couple of packs of splenda and made my own. I ate a salad for dinner and I enjoyed it so much. Why didn't I think of that before?? The salad went well with the spaghetti and meatballs we had for dinner. We are still doing well on South Beach and plan on continuing on it. :o)

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