Thursday, February 12, 2009

No School

When we went to bed last night, it was windy and rainy. At some point during the night, everything froze and the winds continued. Steve had set it up so that when school is closed he gets a text message on his cell phone. Unfortunately for him, the test came in 5 minutes after he got up to get Brad up. So, he drank a cup of coffee and went back to bed. I am up now with the boys, and it is still so windy. They are watching "Kronks New Groove" and I am sipping my tea. Speaking of which, I bought this new tea yesterday and Steve and I both love it. It is green tea with pomegranate which is a great antioxidant. Best of all, it is really tasty and quite healthy. I very rarely drink coffee any more.

Yesterday we took the boys to Springville for a counseling appointment. I realized that it was the first I have been out of the house since Jan. 26th which was over 2 weeks ago. I guess I am a bit reclusive in the winter. I am really afraid of falling for one thing, and the other is that the cold air really bothers my asthma, so I am thrilled when I do not have to go out.

My order for the tattoo shop is ready to be shipped. I sent a pic of all the items he ordered and he responded that he loves them. He wondered if I could think of anything else I make that might be a good seller. I have been thinking of something to make for guys, but all I have come up with is a canvas messenger bag with maybe the flap made out of a guys tattoo fabric. Anyone got any ideas?? Let me know. :o)

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