Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday, Feb. 19th

Another bright, sunshiny morning. It sure lifts my spirits to see the sun and think about the lovely Spring days that will soon be here. I am writing now, because I intend to have a very productive day. I have been working on a purse using my new pink skull fabric and a black and white polka dot fabric. I am hoping to finish it today and list it in my shop tonight.

Hopefully my hubby will take care of everything in the one part of our basement so he can set up my exercise equipment. I really need to put forth more exercise as well as the diet. I seem to be stuck and not losing even though I am eating the way I should (well, I am eating the right things, but possibly more than I should eat), but I am certain if I do a bit of exercise every day that should get the scales moving downward again. I have a plan that since the exercise equipment would be in the room next to my studio, that I could do a bit of exercising before I start working in my studio each day. :o)

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