Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tues. Morning

Well, the sun is shining here. We sure are not having a heat wave, but it is nice to see the sun shine. The boys are off school all week, so it has been a bit stressful. We have seen some regression with Nick's behavior. The only change has been the addition of two 4th grade boys to his 8-1-1 classroom. According to the teacher, this has effected all 4 of the original children. Nick's fuse is really short again and he gets so angry about the tiniest things. Brad's most difficult time is in the mornings. He has had only one good morning in almost a week. I can not even describe how discouraging it is to see this regression. We are hoping and praying we can get it turned around. The one boy may be leaving Nick's class and we have put in a request for him to have a one-on-one aide. We will have a CSE meeting next week. The teacher is all for it too, so we shall see what happens. I do know that the school district can not refuse a child a service they need just because of the budget.

Rachel has been home since Fri. She was going to leave tomorrow morning in time for her 11 a.m. class, but last nights weather report said it will be a rough drive Wed. morning due to probably three inches of snow that will fall over night. She is probably going to leave tonight, which we think is a good idea. This weekend, Megan and Scott will be here for an overnight visit. We are looking forward to that. Rachel will be here too, and we are hoping Reid can get a day off so he can come too.

I got some new fabric when I shopped at Jo Ann Fabrics on Fri. I made a green skull "Essentials" pouch which I listed last night. I am working on a new purse using a new Simplicity pattern I bought Fri too. It is pleated in the front and looks really cute in the picture. We will see if it is cute when I get mine done. LOL :o)

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