Saturday, January 3, 2009

The New Year

20008 seemed to go so fast. It seems like the older I get, the faster time goes. I am hoping and praying that 2009 finds all my friends and loved ones happy and healthy. It is kind of neat that every year, on January first, we have a fresh new year and a fresh new start to do a little better than the year before. I would like to be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister and sister-in- law, Aunt and friend than I was in 2008. That probably sounds like a huge undertaking, but it really isn't. I am not talking about a huge change, just small improvements which I believe will come if I can just keep my thoughts and judgement of others just a little more positive and and think more about what small things I could do to make someone elses life a little better.

I would love to make 2009 the year that Steve and Ronna obtain some healthy eating habits that last the whole year not just four or five months. Somedays I feel at least 20 years older than I am and I would like to be healthy when the grandchildren start coming. There are so many things we could enjoy if we would just get some weight off and excerise. When ever I have started eating better and then stopped again, I always tell myself there is always tomorrow. I know if we don't really change some things, there may not be a tomorrow and we will have no one to blame but ourselves. So, maybe some of my readers feel this way too and we could encourage each other and be healthier than we were last year. :o)

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