Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, the weekend is over. The kids are showered and ready for school tomorrow and their clothes are out and ready for them to wear. It was a VERY rough weekend. We had the girls Friday and Sat. nights, which was nice. Nick had almost no control at all on Sat. and Sun., and Brad wasn't too great either. Today was better and Nick's skill builder came to work with him, so that was nice. Rachel was home for the weekend too, as she was sick and needed to go to the Dr. and the Chiropractor today. She just left to go back to college. Reid stayed until Friday morning and we enjoyed his visit too. On Thurs. Reid drove into Rachel's apartment as Megan was still there. They figured out that the three of them had not been together since Christmas 2007. How weird is that? They had fun and ordered chicken wings from the Anchor Bar, then Megan headed back to Canada and Reid headed back here and spent the evening with us.

My hubby made buttermilk pancakes from scratch for dinner along with sausage and fried eggs. It was really delicious. I know there was a reason we named him the chief cook and bottle washer..LOL Oh, and Saturday, with the kids help, I got the upstairs clean and put back together, which feels so good.

This week will be busy as the boys have dentist appointments in Batavia and we have a C.S.E. meeting for Nick on Friday, plus Charity and Carolyn are will be here at different times on Wed. they are both workers from S.P.O.A.( Wyoming County mental health). This particular group of workers are from the WAIVER program and they are awesome. They have helped us more than they can possibly know. :o)

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