Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Snow Day

Yup, you guessed it!! We had another snow day from school today. This time it was freezing rain that was the culprit. The kids actually had two whole days back in school from Christmas vacation. We got a lot done today though. We took down the Christmas tree and wow, Bradly is awesome at undecorating the tree, He was a huge help. It took about an hour and a half and it was done. Our sweet neighbor boy came over to carry all of our bins to the basement. He is such a nice boy and a really hard worker. I hope Brad and Nick follow his example with good work ethic and a willingness to help others.

Rachel is working on spelling words with Nick. He has regressed educationally since his hospitalization and it is quite discouraging. He does not read well at all and hates reading. He does enjoy being read to, so that is good.

Bradly had his first day of 5th grade back in his own school. He was attending school at the hospital, but this is in the middle school which is all new to him. He LOVES it. I don't think he is super thrilled with the homework, but he is enjoying being in the bigger school. He missed the bus home on the first day, but got on his bus yesterday and made it home. My hubby was so thrilled when the school called on his cell phone to say that Brad had missed the bus, as he was at the funeral home, standing in front of the casket with the widow. A whole line of people were behind him when his ring tone went off, which was "All I want to Do". LOL....he has since changes his ring tone.

I really need to try and blog everyday. The time just goes by so fast. Yesterday I spent in my studio sewing like a mad women. LOL Then I had to take pics and sit and list every thing I got done on Etsy. This is a time consuming process, but a necessary one. :o)

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