Friday, January 9, 2009

Smile, it is Friday

My favorite day of the week is Saturday, but my favorite evening of the week is
Friday. I love knowing that we have a couple of days to relax and we don't have anything pressing to do. We usually watch t.v. or a movie together, which is usually nice..(depending on how the kids are behaving). LOL Nick's favorite movie lately is "Lilo and Stitch". He watched it twice yesterday and just finished it again today. He is funny like that. Even with all the new movies the boys got for Christmas, he would pick an oldie one to watch.

Steven is moving into his new apartment tonight, at least he is supposed to be. His friend told him that his Aunt and Uncle had an apartment on the back of their house for rent. It is fully furnished, has a t.v. with cable and a new air conditioning unit. All utilities are included in the rent. This is a perfect set up for him as he doesn't have any of his household items in Texas with him. He said he is going out on his friends boat on Sunday. They are going out to the gulf. He loves fishing and this kind of fishing is a huge treat. He freezes many of the fish he catches and eats them when he is hungry for fish. He reminds me a lot of my Dad and my oldest brother, Joe. Joe still loves to go out fishing..even in the dead of winter when he has to cut a hole in the ice. Brrr. I tried that once and did not enjoy it at all. One of my earliest memories was of my dad taking me out on West River off from Canandaigua Lake fishing. I caught many sun fish. My dad said I was the only one catching anything. It is kind of cool seeing your parents and siblings shining out of your children on occassion.

We made my Grandma Lilly's homemade ice cream recipe yesterday. It was so good. It is actually frozen custard and just eating it brings back childhood memories. We have not made it in years, and were quite glad our ice cream freezer was still working. It is over 30 years old, so you never know when it will croak, but so far, so good. I guess this was my night for a short trip down memory lane. Thanks for checking in. Have an awesome weekend. Please check out this shop I am promoting today for the Neato Stuff promotional I am taking part in. :o)

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