Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am Early Today!

It isn't even one o'clock in the afternoon and here I am blogging already. I hope I don't throw anyone into heart failure or anything. LOL I actually do have to fold the towels and get them put away, but I thought I would do this first.

At this moment, things are great in our lives. I talked to Nick's teacher yesterday and got a glorious report. He is doing so much better with his melt downs, and he is going to specials (Art, Gym, Music and Library) and actually participating. He is even doing the warm up exercises in gym which he was having fits about not all that long ago. For those of you reading, who do not know Nick, trust me, this is a HUGE improvement. Nick's teacher talked to a reading specialist who advised her to drop Nick's spelling word list for the week from 10 to 4. 10 is too many for him at this time. No matter how much we study, he seems to only get about a 50% on his weekly test. He has a very hard time concentrating and keeping focused. We saw the doctor yesterday and he is letting us try him on a teeny amount of dextroamphetamine to see if that helps with the ADHD. We tried it in a time released spansule form and it made him go into over drive. We are hoping this small amount will enable him to concentrate better. He is also not sleeping in the mornings at school for that half hour every morning, which is so wonderful. His medication makes him sleepy, but it also helps him to control his temper, so it is a catch 22. So anyway, this is HUGE!! LOL

I also spoke with Bradly's teacher yesterday. Due to his hospitalization, Jan. 5th was his first day in middle school/5th grade in his own school. The teacher said he is a cute boy and is doing really well. She has had to speak to him about a couple of strange things he said and a little name calling, but other than that he is also doing great. Steven is doing well, Rachel is back at school and getting quite a few hours at the day care, Reid is home, and Megan is coming to Rachels today. Chris appears to be doing well, but one never knows. It seems nice for a change to have every ones lives running smoothly. After about 5 days of feeling really lousy, I feel like my old self again, so that is good too. The girls are spending the weekend with us, so that will be nice. Best of all, I don't have to set foot out of the house in this freezing weather. The cold bothers my asthma, so I love when I can stay inside. :o)

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