Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday, Januarym 10th

Boy, this month is already flying by. I can't believe it is already the 10th. Rachel packed up and moved back to her college today. It is always hard when she leaves after being home on break. Nicholas takes it the hardest, but he adores Rachel. Actually he adores all of his older siblings and visa versa. At dinner tonight he came around to me and laid his head on me and started to cry. I asked him what was wrong and he told me he missed Ray Ray (that is what he has always called Rachel). He felt better when we told him that Reid was coming home from college for a few days. We are all looking forward to his visit too.

Steven did not get moved in last night because the friend whose Aunt and Uncle own the apartment had told Steven he would take him there. The guy went out drinking and then it was too late. Steven was rather bummed today when we talked because the guy didn't go to work today and Steven figured he wasn't going to take him today either. That means Steven has to sleep in his truck tonight, which didn't thrill him at all. I am hoping and have been praying that the guy came through and found time to take him there. Steven has never been there and doesn't know how to get there. The guy is supposed to introduce Steven to the Aunt and Uncle before he moves in. It seems there is always something not going quite right for someone in our family. I guess that happens when you have a big family like we do.

Megan is working a 6 day straight stint and then she is going to Rachel's later this week as Rachel bought them tickets to go see "Rent", which was Megan's birthday present this past year. They are both really looking forward to it and I am so glad that our girls are close. I always wished I had a sister, so it does my heart good to see them together. :o)

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