Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nice Sunday

We are enjoying a really nice Sunday. First my hubby made a nice "South Beach" breakfast which was a hot cinnamon ricotta cheese dish. It was really good. Yesterday we had a small roasted turkey for supper. It was great and we had enough for a turkey salad for lunch and enough turkey breast for another meal. After lunch we played a game of "Cootie" with the boys and also a game of "Memory". Bradly was the winner of both and mom and dad were the big losers. LOL We all had a great time. Bradly got the movie, "Journey to the Center of the Earth", for Christmas from Megan and Scott. He loved the movie so much that he borrowed the book from school and has read the whole thing. He has been wanting to watch it again, so that is what we did with the rest of the afternoon. Nick petered out and took a nap during the movie and is actually still napping. I am sipping a nice cup of sugar- free hot chocolate and looking forward to playing a game of "Wordscape" on the puter. Tomorrow we have to take Brad to Buffalo to see the surgeon that did his ear surgery. I am hoping that is the only time I have to brave the cold this week. :o)

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