Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Working Hard

Ugh…I am feeling a bit stressed (but happy) with the orders I need to get done.  I am showered, dressed and ready for the day and it is only a little after 9 am….so as soon as I finish with my blog, I am off to my studio….hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go..LOL

My hubby has been doing such a great job of keeping up with the laundry and the cooking while I am working.  He is a peach.  :o)  Yesterday he baked oatmeal scotchies and an apple pie.  He finished up the last of our 2 bushel of apples and made more apple sauce for the freezer.  He roasted a delicious chicken, made stuffing from scratch, mashed potatoes and he cooked up two winter squash.  Am I one lucky women or what??  It does help to marry a bakery manager..LOL  **  In case you can’t tell, our diet is not going well.  **

Speaking of baking, tomorrow I want to share an awesome sugar cookie recipe that Steve found in a country magazine.  He made them last year and they were so good and easy that we traded that recipe for our old family recipe I have been eating since I was a kid.  These have cream cheese in them!!  MMmmm  :o)


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