Friday, November 6, 2009

I Finished the Backpack

I was so nervous about the order I got for one of my “Doggie Travel Bags”, because she wanted me to make hers into a backpack, rather than a bag with two straps.  I said yes, although I had never made a backpack and I was so scared I couldn’t do it.  I made a practice one that took me 2 days to make, but by doing that, I figured ways to make the bag sturdier and a bit easier.  Sometimes I think pattern companies make their patterns too hard when in fact the same thing could be accomplished in an easier fashion.  I much prefer creating my own patterns to using a store bought one, but sometimes I have to bite the bullet and use one that came from the store.  Anyway, I finished the ordered bag yesterday and I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I may never make another one though..LOL  The customer stopped by this morning to pick up her backpack and she was thrilled.  It was just what she wanted.  I love the great feeling I get when I create something for someone and have it turn out just as they envisioned.  I took a couple of pics last night, so I could post it for you all to see.

dog bone bag 1

dog bone bag 2








One last thing…we are so happy for Bradly because as a member of this year’s “Chess Club” at school, he is going to his first beginners tournament tomorrow for most of the day.  We have to have him at school at 8:30 am where the kids will be picked up and driven to Belmont Central School for the tournament.  Brad will be back around 4:30 pm.  Brad is very excited and this is huge for him because it is a privilege he has earned by working on his honesty issues and becoming more trustworthy.  We are so proud of his accomplishments.  :o)


IckyDogCreations said...

Very cute bag! Nice work!

Fernanda Frick said...

Haha, that's amazing! I would have loved to have a handmade backpack :) Your purses are cool btw

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