Sunday, November 1, 2009

Candy, Candy and a “French Maids” Costume

Brad and Nick both managed to gather quite a bit of candy while trick-or-treating last night.  Rachel came home for the night and took them out.  Rachel’s friend Kelly went with them  I guess they were out about an hour and a half and quite cold by the time they got home.  So now begins the battle of them wanting to eat candy 10x a day (Nick started today by grabbing his candy bag and asking if he could eat some candy out of it.) .  Of course I told him that he was not eating candy for breakfast…so he had two granola bars and a drinkable yogurt.  Now, he is eating a tiny sucker (yup, I caved in, but at least he had something healthy first).  LOL

Yesterday my neighbor’s hubby asked me if I could whip up a “French Maids” apron for his wife.  Evidently she bought a costume at Walmart, but he didn’t care for it.  I made one and if I do say so myself, it turned out very well.  When her hubby saw it, he was thrilled (I have a feeling he was thinking of maybe getting more use out of it after Halloween if you know what I mean…LOL).  Anyway, his wife called me later and thanked me for my contribution to making her look even cheaper than she was already going to look.  She said no way she was going to wear it to hand out candy, but she would wear it to the Halloween party they were going to later last night.  Turns out she had no idea her Hubby was having me make this “French Maid” apron.  He surprised her.  Ha ha.  I assured her I thought she wanted this apron made…..she wasn’t mad but it was rather funny.

  These pics of the boys and then the boys with Rachel before they went out last night aren’t very good, but I thought I would post them anyway. Nick was a robber…he came up with his outfit and Brad was a Ninja.  :o)

halloween 1

halloween 2

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