Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bradly’s Birthday

Bradly turns 12 years old today.  He came to us in foster care almost 8 years ago when he was 4 years old.  Wow, time does go quicker the older you get…LOL  Despite a few ongoing problems, Brad is doing great and has come so far and worked so hard to achieve the gains he has made.  Brad’s report card came in the mail yesterday, and I just have to share his grades.  This is without a doubt the best report card he has ever received.  English/Language/Arts-88, Spelling-75, Social Studies- 86, Math-80, Science –85, Art- 99, Chorus -95, Health-100 and Phys. Ed. – 98.  We are so proud of him.

Bradly requested steak, potato salad, broccoli with cheese sauce and fried mushrooms for his birthday dinner.  He requested blueberry pie for his “cake”.  My parents and Chris and Heather (our oldest adopted son) and his girlfriend , (the one having twins in a month or so) are coming for pie and to share the gift opening.  Rachel came home yesterday so that she could be here too.

I got the pics taken and listed Bradly’s new ornaments yesterday as well as the baby mittens my mom made.  I also completed another purse I had an order for and cut out 5 little girl purses.  I must say, yesterday was quite a productive day.  Here is a pic of the adorable mittens my mom made and one of Brad’s new ornaments.  :o)

4 mittens

snowman ornament

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Fern said...

Happy Birthday Bradley :) FUN! Awesome of you to take him in from foster card - we have some friends doing that & it is hard work. I admire you.

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