Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I have decided that as enjoyable as it is to sleep in, that I am often more tired during the day if I have slept later.  Yesterday I slept in and was tired the rest of the day.  I even fell asleep and had a nap in the afternoon. (Maybe I am just getting old.  LOL)  Anyway, I need to get lots done today, so I guess it is a good thing it was my day to get up at 6:15 am.

We have to take Bradly to Warsaw for his Therapeutic counseling session tonight which means we have to leave as soon as Nick gets home from school and won’t get home until about 6:45 pm.  Tomorrow night the boys have their last Therapeutic Horseback riding class.  They are going to miss it.  I think Nick has managed to amaze the instructor.  This little boy was scared of so many aspects of horseback riding when he started these classes.  Judy (the instructor) just kept encouraging him to try new things and eased him into not being afraid.  He now gets on and off the horse by himself, and he sits right up like a professional, holds the reigns, and rides.  He even trots now and rides the obstacle course by himself.  Judy was starting to lead him last week and when she saw how confident he was, she threw the lead rope up over the horses neck and let Nick do the obstacle course himself.  He has gained so much self confidence through participating in these classes.  The number one rule is that you have to respect the horse, the other participants as well as yourself.  It has been a great experience for both boys, and I hope they get this opportunity again.

My dear friend Peggy, makes amazing greeting cards.  She has donated tons of them to a lady who sends them overseas to the soldiers.  She has so many still left, that she brought a box full up to me and I convinced her to let me sell some of them for her in one of my Etsy shops.  It took some convincing, but finally she agreed to let me try it.  I decided to sell the cards in groups of three or four and keep the cost very reasonable.  Peggy will be happy to just make enough from the sales to purchase more card stock and other supplies so she can keep on creating her cards.  I am sharing some of the card pics today. :o)

4 birthday 1

4 happy harvest 1






3 birthdeay 1

3 give thanks 1

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