Friday, August 21, 2009

My Mom Has A Birthday Today

I just popped the crust to my mom’s birthday cake into the oven.  She is having a pistachio pudding cake.  We haven't had one of those in years and it is so yummy.  Maybe I will post the recipe when I get time as you can make it with any flavor pudding you like and it is very refreshing on a hot day.

The kids had counseling yesterday, so afterward we went to Sprague Brook Park and had a picnic and then they donned their swim suits and their creek sneakers and played in the creek.  They looked for Cray fish, but never found any.  I went in with them and screeched quite loudly when Bradly turned over a fairly large rock and there was something under which we thought was dead because it didn’t move.  Bradly disrupted it and it took off in a direct path to my feet.  It really startled me and yes, I screeched..LOL  In retrospect, I think it might have been some kind of a salamander.  We had a really good time.

Karli is going today to get her stitches out.  Last Monday Karli got spayed and had all four dew claws removed.  She is quite active and you would never know she even had surgery. 

Tomorrow I am off to Joann Fabrics as they are having a fabulous weekend sale.  I have needed to buy more thread and it is actually buy one get one free, which I have never seen.  :o)


Linda said...

Pistachio cake, yum. Haven't had that in years.

Enjoy and Happy BD to mom!

Linda B

woolies said...

Never even heard of pistachio cake - sounds very yummy!

Designer Favors said...

That's funny. It was my mom's birthday too!

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