Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another Rough Day

The last hour has been really rough.  Nicholas is having problems controlling his temper, which is an on going problem, but some days are worse than others.  He has birthday money to spend and we told him if he could keep himself under control we would take him to Kmart or Walmart today to spend it.   There is no way we can take him out in public when he is like this.  We will wait and see how the afternoon goes and if he can get it together, we will try it.  It is so sad and so hard.

On a good note, Bradly got a chance to work with Rachel yesterday at the ice cream shop.  The girl that was supposed to work with Rachel was in a car accident, and there really needed to be two people working in case it got busy.  Rachel showed Bradly how to use the cash register and he caught on quickly and only made a couple of minor mistakes.  He also made $3 in tips which he was thrilled about.  He did some cleaning too which he loves to do.  We are really proud of him.  He got paid and is also looking forward to buying some things at the store.

Nick has only one more week of summer school and then he is off until school starts in September.  To be quite honest we are hoping those days are not just a big series of temper tantrums.  We need to go shopping for school sneakers.  The boys have been growing so much that we thought we better wait until August to shop, as we usually start shopping earlier in the summer.  We would have liked to have gotten that shopping done today.  Time will tell.  :o)

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AMIdesigns said...

oh I hope your day got better. Kids can be tough can't they?

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