Thursday, August 27, 2009


The laundry bags are finished and all packaged to be shipped.  The customer was very pleased with them as I sent her a picture of the finished bags.  Here is a pic.

laundry 2

I gave Bradly his own section in one of my Etsy shops.  Brad loves to make things and has been creating some very nice ornaments and key chains with his Perler Beads.  What we are hoping he will learn is the importance of doing a good job and how to handle his money.  It will hopefully be great for his self esteem.   He is paying his own listing and commission fees, and the rest of his income is all his.  Here is a sample of his work.  :o)

snowflake 1


Marci said...

Love the laudry bags!

PaperPetalCreations said...

What a great way to teach a child the basics of business and making money. Wish him good luck for me!

AMIdesigns said...

Great bags! What a nice idea to teach your son the basics of business - they are never too young :)

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