Saturday, October 17, 2009


Unfortunately we got up to snow yesterday morning and it is still here today.  In my opinion it is way to early for snow.  I think if we had snow from Dec. 15th until Jan. 2nd that would be just enough..LOL  Living in western NY does have its drawbacks.  Of course Nick wants to go out and play in the “snow” and trying to make him understand that under that thin layer of snow is mud just isn’t cutting it.  I am sure I will hear about it all day.  :o)

I want to congratulate my niece  Nicole and her hubby out in South Dakota on the birth of their baby girl very early this morning.  I am still waiting for all the details, but I received a pic. a little before 3 am today and of course she is just beautiful.  This makes my brother and sister-in-law grandparents for the second time and I bet they are thrilled beyond words.  :o)

I wanted to share an awesome shop I found on Etsy this morning.  The shop is called “Oddsandends4u”, and they have recycled so many items into awesome products.  This would be a great shop to pick up some teacher gifts or stocking stuffers for Christmas…gifts too.  This is the link…  and here are a few pics of my favorite items.





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Tangerine Kitty said...

Oh I hope we get a little snow this year...we don't get to much. Congrats on the new addition to the family.

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