Monday, October 26, 2009


Yes, it happened…Bradly has the flu.  His school has been inundated with it for the past two weeks, so I guess it was inevitable.  He went to the Dr. Sat. and the diagnosis of “flu” was confirmed.  He will be home for most of the week according to the Dr.  He is definitely feeling better today than he did Saturday, so that is good.  We have been cancelling appointments for this week and I still have one more to cancel for tomorrow.  We are hoping and praying that the rest of us do not contract it.

My BF, Peggy is coming back to NY today with her hubby…they live in Virginia.  Due to the flu, she won’t be able to drop in for a visit.  Peg’s mom  was diagnosed a few months ago with Leukemia, and she is finally home .  Peg will be staying there, and the last thing she would want to do is take the flu bug to her mom who of course has a much lowered immune system due to the chemo she has endured these last months. Her mom will be going back into Roswell every other day for treatment.

I got an order for one of my “Doggie Travel Bags”, but made into a back pack.  I have never made a back pack so I am a bit nervous about it, but I think I know how I want to do it.  I also have an order for a leash I need to get made before Thursday.  :o)

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