Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Agility Training Snack Pouches

I have been busy making 10 agility training snack pouches.  My niece Elizabeth had the idea that these might be a good item to add to our Mutt Mania Etsy shop.  I talked to our dog groomer who has our collars and dog booties ect. on sale in her shop.  She is actually an agility dog trainer as well as a groomer and she thought the pouches would probably sell well.  I make adult and kid sizes.  Two have already sold and I do enjoy making them.  I need to place another order for hardware as I have used all that I had.  Here are a couple of pics

scottie 1

red 1







I took a pair of Camo shorts that Nick has outgrown and repurposed them into a cute purse.  I don’t think I want to tell him that the bag used to be his shorts or he will want it to play with and pack his toys into it.  He loves bags and packs them full of toys and hauls them around the house or into the car.  Here is how the purse turned out. :o)

camo 2

camo 4 camo 5


Jac-Ber Creations said...

The cammo short purse is fab :-)

I also stopped by to thankyou for introducing me to Snickerdoodles, they have been a great big hit with everyone I've shared them with :-)

Zoom Room said...

That's fantastic that you're making your own agility training pouches. The colorful designs are definitely crowd pleasers.

Only suggestion is to create more of an open architecture at the top: the snap closure is fine for travel, but when you're actually agility training, you'll want the pouch to stay open at the top, without having to fuss to get it open, in order to administer a quick reward. Just a suggestion! Keep up the great work.

- Mark
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