Saturday, October 3, 2009


Nicholas and Bradly will be starting “Horseback Riding Therapy”  this coming week. This will be Nick’s third session and Bradly’s second session. Each session lasts for 6 weeks and they are quite excited about getting to ride again.  The hard part is that Nick’s horse “Davey” is being retired as he is old.  Davey will be going to live at the home of a girl with special needs whose horse passed away a while ago.  It will be a good life for Davey and this girl, but it this news left Nicholas devastated.  He cried so hard when we told him.  The head of the program had suggested we bring Nick up to say good bye before classes began and before Davey was moved.  In the midst of his tears Nick said he didn’t want to say good bye.  I told him he didn’t have to say those words, that he could say “hi” I will miss you.  He perked up and decided to go see Davey and take him a few carrots and an apple.  Judy, who heads up this program, is just wonderful with the kids and the horses.  Judy talked to Nick about her first horse when she was a kid and how, after all these years she has never forgotten that horse.  She told him he would never forget his first horse either.  Nick did very well and is wondering which horse he will be riding this week.  They match the kids with a horse…the horse chooses the child.  The really cool part is that these horses have all been rescued and some had been very abused.  If there is a child in the program that has suffered from abuse, those horses always pick one of those children, because they seem to be able to relate to the child.  I think that is so wonderful.  This is a pic of Nick when he went to say his good-byes.  :o)

nick and davey


Dotty Jane said...

Thanks for sharing this story. I have such respect for families like yours. It takes special people to adopt and open their homes to kids in need. Sounds like Judy is pretty special, too! And good for Nick:)

Debs Crochet said...

What a heartwarming story. I think I would have been crying myself. Sounds like a great program.

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