Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Crazy Busy Day

Today is going to keep us on the run all day long.  At 12:30, Steve and I have our “Crisis Management” class, then Nick’s skill builder will be here working with him.  At 5:30 the boys have “Horse Therapy”.  When we leave there it will be 6:30, so we will stop and buy a pizza, come home and eat, do homework,then showers and bedtime.  Whew…I am pooped out before we ever start..LOL

We shipped out the order for two different kinds of dog treats to a man in Oregon yesterday.  I also finally got the dog collar made and got that order sent to Canada. Mindy called this morning to say that she had sold another collar too.  Rachel called last night to ask me to take the peace sign purse off because her room mate when on my shop to buy a purse for a gift and fell in love with this purse and bought it for herself.  Rachel is coming home this weekend, so she can take it to her and save her the shipping charges.  We have certainly been blessed with sales lately and we hope it keeps right on…LOL  :o) I am working on some scented trivets now, and do they ever smell fantastic.  I mixed raw rice with whole cloves and whole allspice…added a few drops of cinnamon oil and this mixture goes into the fabric trivets I have sewed. The cool part is that when you use one and set a warm pot on it, it makes the smell come alive.  Plus, if anyone is like us, we keep our hot mats in a drawer in our hutch.  These would also act like a sachet.  I will take some pics when I am finished and post them. 

Our little great nephew is already going to be a year old tomorrow.  He is so cute and has been such a blessing to my brothers family.  I just want to say “Happy Birthday Elijah”.  :o)

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