Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our Son is 26 Years Old Today

Hard to believe that 26 years have come and gone since the birth of our oldest son.  Steven lives in Texas, so we won’t be celebrating with him, which makes me sad . :o(

The art smocks that I had orders for are finished and I have begun sewing for our new shop, “Mutt Mania”.  This is going to be a one stop shopping place for buying for your dog(s).   Steve has been experimenting with recipes for healthy dog treats.  Yesterday he made some pumpkin peanut butter treats.m  Our two dogs loved them.  I got 16 collars and 10 bandannas cut out yesterday, so the goal  is to get them all sewed today.  I bought a cute banner and avatar design from a graphic designer on Etsy.  I thought I would share those with you and see what you think. 

banner mutt mania  banner

avatar paw bow








I am going to be making doggie booties, but I need to think of a waterproof, non slip fabric to sew to the bottom.  If anyone has any ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.

Bradly has had a great morning every day this week….whoo whoo!!  Nick has had 2 great days in school in a row.  I just hope and pray it continues and isn’t some kind of “Honeymoon” period.  :o)

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pippijewelry said...

Happy birth-day to you, too, Mom! Your new shop banner is so cute! :D

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