Monday, September 21, 2009


September is our month for lots of birthdays.  Our son Steven just had his on the 10th, Megan had hers on Friday the 18th, my hubby has one tomorrow the 22nd and our son-in-law has one on the 27th.  We are celebrating a couple of birthdays tonight, so I need to get my hubby’s banana cake with flour frosting made today as well as a crab salad.  We also have to take both of our dog’s up to Mindy’s for baths and grooming this morning.  It will be a busy day, but a nice one.

Bradly’s bus is really late this morning…I sure hope they didn’t forget him.  The bus is usually here like 10 minutes ago, so now Brad is nervous and driving me a bit crazy (it is a very short drive however). :o)  I just called the bus garage and yup..he missed the bus.  :o(

I thought I would put up a couple pics of my newest creation, which is a seat belt neck protector.  It seems like once kids move into a booster car seat, the seat belt rubs their neck and irritates the skin.  I have taken fleece and cotton and velcro and made these protectors so they go right into a tube around the seat belt.  I got to thinking about how my seat belt irritates me too, and decided to make a couple of adult sized ones.  Let me know what you think….:o)

flower neck kid 1






flower neck kid 2







pink seatbelt 3

pink seatbelt3

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