Sunday, December 13, 2009

Huge Snowstorm

The big snowstorm that was forecast for Thursday hit all around us, but we missed it (and that was after our school system announced the night before that school would be closed due to the weather predictions.  I am sure the powers that be were not pleased when we didn’t even get the storm.  We got hit with it beginning Thursday night and all day Friday.  Of course the school had to be closed again.  We got about 2 feet of snow from Thurs. night through Friday night.  There was some lovely wind from this system also.  The boys loved having two days off from school and had fun outside (until I couldn’t stand the fighting and bickering anymore). 

The Christmas baking has been going well.  We have made 2 kinds of cutout sugar cookies…one with sour cream and one with cream cheese.  Molasses cookies are finished as well as peanut blossoms.  Yesterday I made penuche and peanut butter balls which have been a family favorite since my younger brother was in 2nd or 3rd grade and brought the recipe home from school.  It is easy for kids to make and delicious.  The only ingredients are 1/2 cup sweetened condensed milk,  1/4 cup 10x sugar,  1 cup peanut butter and 1 cup mini chocolate chips.  This is mixed together and rolled into small balls and place on waxed paper.  When finished, they go into an air tight container and are stored in the fridge.  I swirl a bit of melted milk chocolate on the top of mine to fancy them up a bit, but that is not part of the original recipe.  Today we are hoping to make Mexican wedding cakes….some with a maraschino cherry in the middle. 

We took the boys to the village park sledding hill yesterday.  They had a great time and we only had one major incident…Nick got mad an bopped Bradly with his saucer.  I was amazed at how many times they went up and down that hill.  Of course today is warmer and it is going to rain so it is a mess outside.  Nick is not happy about not playing out today.  He did go out and played in the snow on the front porch for a little bit….he made a small snow sculpture of his grandma..I was afraid to ask which one it was…LOL

Here is a pic I took at the sledding hill.  Brad is in the blue coat and Nick in the red one.  :o)

bhrad and nick sledding

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I'm looking forward to trying those peanut butter balls - they sound divine!
Playing in the snow looks like great fun!

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